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Unlike I promised, I was not able to blog while Mimi was here.  I apologize for that but she was more lucid than I had expected and I couldn’t bring myself to write the blog with her sitting in the same room.  On that note, we did have a nice visit and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Mimi but as with most visits, I was ready for her and my Aunt to pack it in by the end of the week.

The week prior to Mimi’s visit Tony and I spent any and all spare time attempting to get the house in order.  While we had changed quite a few things, I still wanted it to be ship-shape for Mimi and Maryann’s arrival.  The Saturday they were expected to arrive Tony cleaned the basement while I made a pound cake from scratch and concocted Mimi’s favorite “dippy” she had made ever since I could remember.  The “dippy” is simply a mix of cream cheese, french dressing or this time tangy bacon catalina, ketchup and grated onion.  I worked up a sweat trying to mix that cream cheese with the rest of the ingredients, closely keeping an eye on the clock and yelling the countdown to Tony.

Mimi and Maryann had informed us the prior evening that they’d be arriving at 1:30 p.m.  I had gone to the grocery store that night and purchased all of Mimi’s favorites:  original Pringles, ice cream, strawberries, bananas, Honey Nut Cheerios, orange juice,2 % milk, cookies, Pepsi and cottage cheese.  As I checked out, I looked down at my items and felt a wave of shame crash over me.  During the past two months Tony and I drastically changed our eating habits.  He converted back to veganism and while I still eat meat on occasion, I had adopted a largely vegetarian diet.  The said change resulted in a 30 point drop in my cholesterol for which I was immensely proud so one can imagine my disappointment as I perused the junk food that crowded the conveyor belt.  Nevertheless, at 89 years-old I figured it best to give Mimi what she wanted.  After all, her only ailment with exception to her dementia has been high blood pressure.

On Saturday afternoon at precisely 1:30, I heard a car door slam and Mimi’s shouts of hello to the neighbors.  They had arrived.  As I ushered them into the house Mimi promptly noticed the first change.  We had moved her old console record player out of the foyer into the basement.  “Where’s the record player?” she asked.

“Well, it’s in the basement because we needed a space for the cedar chest,” I explained.  And the issue appeared to be dropped.  She settled into her pink lift chair and promptly began playing with Lola, the dog we had initially adopted for Mimi but who eventually ended up in our care after Mimi attempted to give her Pepsi and allowed her to poop and pee throughout the entire house.

At that moment Mimi seemed at ease, happy to be settled into her old house.  She carried on lucid conversations and was even excited at some of the old treasures we had unearthed in attempting to clean out the house.  Still, I was unsure of how I’d survive this visit and had plans to meet up with a friend later that night for a few drinks.  To my dismay, she cancelled and instead I hid a bottle of wine in my bedroom closet and took swigs throughout the evening to tolerate the plethora of “old lady” shows Mimi and Maryann enjoy.  Sporting a nice buzz, I retired to bed but not before I assembled an Easter basket filled with her favorite candies which I placed on the dresser in her bedroom.  I felt a slight pang as I realized the grandmother who used to coddle and baby me was now, in fact, the baby.  With that I retired, knowing full well that I was likely going to be cooking Easter dinner with a slight hangover.


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