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I realize it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated but for the past few months Mimi and I have only been speaking on the phone and those conversations, as of lately, tend to be relatively short.  I think she gets mad because I interrupt her sleep.  Ha, ha.  At any rate, she and my aunt are coming in this Saturday for their annual spring visit.  This one should be a doozie.  Tony and I have since moved into Mimi’s house and have among other things ripped up the carpet to reveal the beautiful hardwoods, thrown away practically a dumpster’s worth of cards, paper clips, rubber bands, and other items old ladies tend to hoard and painted.  It’ll be interesting to see what she thinks and also to see how things progress with the four of us living under one roof for an entire week.

Mimi has already informed my aunt that she should get the larger of the two bedrooms to which Tony replied, “Well, if she thinks that, Maryann should just tell her, ‘Well, I guess the bigger person (meaning size, Mimi’s gained a considerable amount of weight) should get the bigger room!'”  Admittedly, that would be an interesting reaction since Mimi never hesitates on calling anyone else fat but never considers herself a larger lady.

I hope you all will rejoin us on this adventure because as before, I’m sure it will be a wild and hilarious one!  Thanks again for reading and sending your comments.  I truly do appreciate it.  🙂


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